10 Ways to Kick Start Your Week

It’s finally Friday and you’re so excited about your weekend plans that you aren’t even thinking about Monday, well, that is until Sunday night rolls around. Then the premature “Case of the Mondays” sets in and you’re already setting yourself up for a bad start to the week. We’re here to help and really, the solution is pretty simple.

1.Plan out your outfits for the week


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Chances are you know what your schedule entails for the week, so plan ahead. Take 30 minutes Sunday night and plan out your outfits for the week.

2. Get a good night’s sleep


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For some this might be 6 hours and for others this could be 12 hours. Either way get a good night’s sleep so you are ready to go Monday morning!

3. Eat a healthy breakfast


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CNN: Breakfast Mistakes)

4. Get to the office early



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Early? On a Monday? No-I’m not crazy. Avoid hitting that snooze button and get moving. Hitting the snooze button can actually make you feel groggier, so don’t put off the inevitable. Get up, grab some coffee, and get to work early. (CNN: Don’t hit snooze!)

5. Greet the team with a smile


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It takes effort to be grouchy so why do it? Start your week off right with a little positivity!

6. Give your inbox a once over before heading into that 8:30 AM meeting


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Some of those emails might have information you need for that morning meeting. Don’t look unprepared because you didn’t check your email yet.

7. Organize your thoughts and goals for the week into a to-do list


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Giving yourself clear goals  will keep you focused and ready to tackle the week with ease.

8. Tackle your biggest challenge first


Perception is reality. Making a mountain out of a molehill will not get your work done. Stay positive. Stay confident. Stay humble. And get your work knocked out.

9. Set aside time in your schedule for the inevitable contingencies of a Monday


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Leaving that little bit of extra wiggle room will keep you from short circuiting the minute that curve ball gets thrown at you. Need 10 minutes to put out a fire? No big deal if you already allotted an extra 30 minutes in your day for contingencies.

10. Exercise for at least 30 minutes.

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Some prefer to workout before work while others like to stop by the gym on the way home. Either way exercise is a great way to combat stress and clear your mind!

Monday’s are what you make them. Make this next one great!

City Series Pt. 2 | Detroit, MI

Known as Motor City and Motown, Detroit, MI houses our second office in the city series. Once labeled the “most dangerous city in America”, Detroit is now turning over a new leaf. The city is pushing forward, making strides to once again become a respected place of business. Famed for its impact on the music and automotive industries, Detroit now serves as an optimal incubator for start-ups and prime real estate for tech business.

General Business Overview

Low startup costs, a preexisting infrastructure and huge growth potential are just a few reasons why entrepreneurs are choosing Detroit over Silicon Valley. The city is revamping its existing infrastructure with a high-speed fiber optics cable system set in place to push Detroit to the next level of technologically advanced business.  Improvements like this one will help “restore Detroit to its long-ago glory days as a center of commerce, innovation and culture”.

Detroit IT Market Snapshot

The recent influx of business has brought enough IT job growth to the area to “outpace the nation by nearly 4%” and “is poised to continue this pace well beyond 2019” according to the Detroit Chamber. Some are even calling Detroit the next Silicon Valley.

One of our account managers from the Detroit office sums it up best:

“As evidenced by the recent rebirth in downtown Detroit, we now have a new moniker as America’s Comeback City.  While new restaurants, bars, stores, arenas, rail systems provide a visual confirmation of improvements, it’s ultimately all about JOBS. For the Conexess Detroit office, this lands us in a great position on this area’s timeline. Our Detroit office began as a bit of an ‘underdog’ too. Starting in a bedroom office, transitioning to four people crammed into a small office, through the current location in downtown Plymouth with 11 employees, finally eyeing our end-of-year destination to our own building with space to grow; Conexess Detroit directly aids the Metro Detroit area by filling our client’s critical staffing needs with our high-quality candidates.

As our reputation has grown in SE Michigan, we’ve been adding new clients, industries and positions. We’re on the cusp of some tremendous times in MI and it’s an honor for the Conexess Detroit office to be a direct participant in Detroit ultimately shedding the ‘underdog’ label.”

If you are interested in working in the Detroit tech industry,  head over to our website. We have several open positions available!

Next week we head down south to the Sunshine State to visit our third office in the city series!

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City Series Pt.1 | Nashville, TN

In this series we will take you to each of the cities our offices call home. Nashville, TN, the country music capital of the world, happens to be home to the Conexess headquarters. While many know Nashville for its country music, southern soul food and hospitality, many don’t realize what a booming metropolis Nashville really is. Just this year it has seen the addition of a new state-of-the-art convention center, an outdoor amphitheater, and the mass-development of the surrounding metropolitan area. Anyone driving through Nashville right now is likely to lay eyes on at least 10 cranes because of the sheer amount of construction happening inside the city center. In fact, Nashville is currently home to over 100 construction projects.

While Nashville draws people in because of its music, culture and food, this massive amount of growth is attracting even more new business.

General Business Overview

Nashville was named the “6th Best City for Business & Careers” by Forbes this year. The state’s capital is also home to several headquarter offices including HCA, Bridgestone, Asurion, and Nissan which are supplying job opportunities for those across the mid-state. Some would even say Nashville has become the “who’s who of corporate relocation”. With major corporate headquarters in town, job opportunities are ripe for the picking with a large portion of those positions being tech related.

Nashville IT Market Snapshot

The Nashville tech sector has been in the works for nearly a decade with growth of 43% in this industry over the past ten years. In fact, just last year the tech sector saw an increase in 2,200 workers with the number of tech-related positions nearly doubling. With all of this growth, Forbes rightly named Nashville the “10th Best City for Tech Jobs”. Even Silicon Valley big wigs are eyeing Nashville. Already Google has shown interest in testing Google Fiber and other tech companies, like Eventbrite and Crestlight, are opening partner offices in the mid-state. The icing on the cake for Nashville was being hand-selected by the President to take an active role in promoting a local tech talent pool through the Tech Hire program presented by the White House.

As you can see big things are happening in Nashville and we are thrilled with all of the current and forecasted growth expected of our headquarters’ hometown. It is so fun to be part of a city where its natives join together to create a one-of-a-kind hub for business. The best is yet to come for this southern sweet spot! Stay tuned next week as we travel up north to our next office location in Detroit, MI.

If you are interested in working in the tech industry in Nashville, then head over to our website. We have several open positions available!


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Luau Open House

If you missed our post about moving our Nashville office to a new location, check it out here. In November, we left our sleek downtown space to move into a recently remodeled building in the Berry Hill area. On April 16th from 3-8PM, we are opening our new office to Y-O-U! Conexess is excited to announce a luau-themed Open House to officially launch our new office in the community of Nashville that we love so much. We will have a pig roast, contests, tiki drinks, and more! So dust off your grass skirt and start practicing your hula skills because there will be a prize for the attendee who can hula the longest! If you have any questions please contact Kayte at kcharlier@conexess.com, and we hope to see you on the 16th! RSVP and more info here.