City Series Pt. 3 | Orlando, FL

Our third, and final, stop in the City Series lands us 1,100 miles south of Detroit in the beautiful Sunshine State. Not widely known for its tech industry, Orlando is quickly earning a spot among the fast growing cities in the nation. Orlando, home to Conexess’ newest office, is showing great growth opportunity and is poised to continue pushing the envelope. Just this year we’ve added 2 recruiters and we’re looking to add a 3rd member to the team by the year end.

General Business Overview

In the past year, Florida has seen over 260,000 jobs created and for the fourth month in a row, its growth rate has been number one among large states according to the Orlando Sentinel. Forbes has even named Orlando one of the Best Cities for Future Job Growth in 2015.

Orlando IT Market Snapshot

According to the South Florida Business Journal, Technical Occupations are ranked as the 3rd highest-paying jobs in South Florida. Forbes also named Florida, one of Top 10 Fastest Growing States for Tech Jobs in 2015. With a growth rate of 4.27%, technology has quickly become Orlando’s second largest industry behind tourism.

Thousands of software developer, computer programmer, graphic designer and engineer positions are opening and we’re eager to fill them. Our Orlando team has already done a phenomenal job establishing Conexess as the go-to recruitment firm in the area and we couldn’t be more proud of all their hard work has accomplished. The future is looking bright for our Sunshine State team!

If  you are interested in a position in the Orlando or surrounding area, please feel free to give our Orlando Office a call at (407) 988-3965 or send an email to We’d love to chat with you about your next career move!

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Conexess: The Best & Brightest

We are both excited and honored to be named among the Best and Brightest companies to work for in the Metropolitan Detroit area. The Best and Brightest competition identifies companies who excel in communication, work-life balance, employee education, diversity, recognition and retention. Follow this link for more information:

At Conexess there’s no set formula we have for creating a “great work environment”. We hire fun, hard-working, intelligent individuals who share the same passion for business and success, and in the end it creates a really awesome work environment.

Here are some of the reasons our Detroit employees love where they work:

“Life at Conexess is like working with your family & friends.  We constantly push, learn from and compete with each other in the way siblings & friends do.  Between the quarterly competitions, drive to succeed and overall fun atmosphere we get to work in everyday, Conexess is completely different than any other staffing & recruiting firm in the industry.  Rather than being metrics driven we measure our work from an accountability standpoint so that everyone is self-aware and responsible for their own success!”-Account Manager

“The individual freedom gives me the opportunity to work harder and smarter than I ever have before in my career.  This is a value that you don’t see in most companies these days.  I can honestly say I look forward to coming into work every day.”-Sr. Technical Recruiter

“For a variety of reasons, there’s an appeal associated with ‘underdogs’. In the case of Detroit, MI, we’ve long been the butt of jokes for comedians and generated negative impressions for the vast majority of people in the nation. Yet, as evidenced by the recent rebirth in downtown Detroit, we now have a new moniker as America’s Comeback City.  While new restaurants, bars, stores, arenas, rail systems provide a visual confirmation of improvements, it’s ultimately all about JOBS. For the Conexess Detroit office, this lands us in a great position on this area’s timeline. Our Detroit office began as a bit of an ‘underdog’ too. Starting in a bedroom office, transitioning to four people crammed into a small office, through the current location in downtown Plymouth with 11 employees, finally eyeing our end-of-year destination to our own building with space to grow; Conexess Detroit directly aids the Metro Detroit area by filling our client’s critical staffing needs with our high-quality candidates.

As our reputation has grown in SE Michigan, we’ve been adding new clients, industries and positions. We’re on the cusp of some tremendous times in MI and it’s an honor for the Conexess Detroit office to be a direct participant in Detroit ultimately shedding the ‘underdog’ label.”-Account Manager

“At Conexess you can be yourself; you don’t have to put on a ‘work persona’ and act different than you would outside the office.  Everyone gets along and you can have fun while working. As long as you are doing your job you have the freedom of a flexible schedule which is hard to find with a lot of other companies in our industry.” -Technical Recruiter

“I like the fact that the office is less than a half-mile from my house and I can ride my bike to the office (weather permitting). It’s great going a work week without even getting into my car and being able to go home and eat lunch with my little ones.”-Technical Recruiter

 I love the freedom of being able to meet candidates for coffee, lunch, happy hour etc. One meeting can make a world of difference when building relationships and getting referrals.”-Technical Recruiter


To close, I will leave you with this parting thought: “Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first”- Simon Sinek

Spotlight: Ryan Murphy

This week’s spotlight focuses on one of our fearless leaders, Ryan Murphy, or “Murph” as most of us call him. As one of Conexess’ partners, Ryan has worked primarily in the Nashville office, while also working to grow our newest office in Orlando. He was our owner’s first hire and he’s been helping grow the company ever since. We consider ourselves very fortunate to have him on the Conexess team, so this week we are spotlighting Ryan to show our appreciation for everything he does for our company! We already know Ryan and we think he’s a pretty cool guy, but since you may not know him, we thought we’d give you the rundown on Mr. Murphy by asking him to tell us a little bit about himself.

Q: What do you consider to be the best part of living/working in Nashville?

A: I love how Nashville is a “big city” with a small town feel. You can be downtown and then in a rural part of town in 20 minutes. That’s pretty cool.


Q: What’s your favorite thing about recruiting?

A: The Relationships. It is a really rewarding feeling when you have people begin to come to you because you have (at least I hope) a good enough reputation where people begin to refer you. I have made what I would consider some pretty good friends though recruiting.


Q: Do you have any fun nicknames?

A: Murph, Smurph


Q: What is something you’re passionate about?

A: Golf and Duck Hunting. My wife says she is a hunting widower when duck season comes around. I end up spending double because when I go on a hunting trip she goes….shopping….


Q: Fun Facts about Murph:

       A-1: He was an All-State Football and Baseball Player.

   A-2: He hates flying-“I get sweaty palms and have anxiety. It’s bad.”

A-3: And add to the list: the fear of tornadoes- “I have re-occurring dreams about tornadoes. It’s really weird.”


Q: Where is the best place to eat in Nashville?

A: Impossible to name just one. So I’ll say Husk and Urban Grub.


Q: What is your favorite weekend activity?

A: Hunting and golfing.

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Spotlight on Matt Baker

As difficult as it is to follow last month’s Spotlight (Ryan Seelhoff), the Orlando office is proud to put the Spotlight on Matt “the Touchdown Maker” Baker! Matt’s dedication and work ethic is paying off in a big way this year as the Orlando office continues to grow and mature in a very challenging market. When Matt isn’t spreading the good word about Conexess, he facilitates sports training sessions in his home town of Saint Cloud, Florida. Conexess is proud to have this beast of a team player on OUR team!! Go Matt!

Best thing about living/working in Orlando:

Being close to family, and the amazing weather year round.

Favorite part about being a recruiter:

Having the opportunity to help people find the perfect career path.


Baketrain- I’ve had that name since the high school football days. (Toot…toot!)

What is something you are passionate about?

Fitness and helping develop young athletes.

Little known fact about you:

I have huge addiction to workout sneakers. I must own over 20 pairs.

Best place to eat in Orlando:

Jimmy Bear’s BBQ.

What is your favorite weekend activity?

Boating and spending time with family and friends.

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Spotlight: Ryan Seelhoff

This month, we are putting the spotlight on Ryan Seelhoff.  Needless to say, he’ll have his hands full come July when he and his wife welcome baby #1.  When he’s not at work you’ll find him hunting, snowmobiling or hanging out with his family… oh yea, and trying to be the best uncle around!  Ryan is coming up on his 2 year Conexiversary, and has consistently met or exceeded expectations… everyone is happy to have him as part of the Conexess Family 🙂 Get to know him by reading his Q&A below, then send him a message here:

  • Best thing about living/working in Detroit – Best thing about living near Detroit is being so close to any sporting events. I’m a huge Michigan fan, so being able to be to Ann Arbor in 15 minutes is awesome for any football or basketball game. Plus, I came from the East Lansing area, so I am a little closer to my Maize n’ Blue country.
  • Favorite part of being a recruiter– The competitiveness of the industry. There are so many recruiters out there selling the same positions, but you’ve got to find a different twist. Also, being able to network with many different interesting professionals.
  • Nicknames – I have had a few nicknames in the past. Growing up everybody called me “Seel” and then in college I picked up “Seacrest” on the soccer team.
  • What is one of your resolutions for 2015? –  Biggest Resolution/Challenge for 2015 is buying a house before the baby arrives. My wife and I have a little one on the way in July, so the clock is ticking.
  • Little known fact about you – I used to compete in archery competitions when I was younger, but I have never actually bow hunted before.
  • Best place to eat in Detroit – I wouldn’t say I have a favorite place to eat in Detroit, but I’ve recently been to a place off the strip called Johnny Noodles – it’s a Ramen restaurant and it’s mysteriously delicious…
  • What do you listen to on your way to work in the morning? I am an avid listener of country music, so I always have XM radio tuned to the country stations. Favorite artist/go-to karaoke song is Garth Brooks-Friends in Low Places.

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Spotlight: Carly Ball

carly blog2

This month, we are putting the SPOTLIGHT on Carly Ball. A technical recruiter with Conexess in our Nashville office for over a year, this girl has got it going on. She is a ball of fun, and lights up any room she walks into. Read her Q&A below to get to know her better, and then connect with her on LinkedIn while you’re at it 🙂

Favorite childhood memory- Summer league softball games.  I played from the time I was five years old until I graduated high school.

Best place to eat in Nashville- There are so many to choose from!! I love Edley’s BBQ, Cajun Steamer, Burger Republic, and Puckett’s.

Best thing about being a recruiter- Meeting all of the awesome people and helping them find a new position that they love! I also love that no day is the same;  I can never predict what my day will be like.

What is the best day of the week and why- Saturday because it’s by far the most fun day of the entire week! I get to hang out with my friends and will most likely have a drink in my hand! 🙂

Nicknames- “Cballa,” “Carl,” “Syball,” “Carly Ball of fun,” “CB.”

Who do you most look up to- My granny; she is all around the best person I know! Love her!

Last selfie you took- Last week- I was dog sitting for my Mom.

Spotlight: Peyton Townley

Each month we will put a SPOTLIGHT on one of our employees, and Mr. Peyton Townley is the inaugural candidate. He has been a recruiter at Conexess for over a year, and when he isn’t busy lounging on couches (see picture above) or playing golf, you can contact him here.

Favorite TV show as a child:  Tom & Jerry

Best part of being a recruiter:  I thoroughly enjoy helping people in any capacity as well as “being in the weeds” of the market every day. Most days I feel like somewhat of a detective, in that every day provides something different, whether it be a challenge or a reward. The tangible/intangible aspect that I enjoy about my job is the team I work alongside at Conexess, and the approach that we take. Not only does it set us apart, countering the stigma around staffing professionals in general, but it also resonates in our own culture – both in-house and with the clients/candidates we work with every day.

If you were an animal, what would you be:  This is a tough choice but I would have to say any animal that can fly because I am always on the go and feel like I’m constantly in motion. I have always wanted to skydive in one of the “squirrel suits” to have that inflight experience….but then again, I’m cautious by nature and feel like participating in activities like that with the bad luck I have could ultimately turn me into that 1/million stat guy you hear about on the 5:00 news. So on second thought, I could also be comfortable as a sloth – eating 24/7 and not having a care in the world, besides deciding which tree I’m hanging out in for the day.

What is the most overused # on social media:  #’s on social media are overused in general and I feel at this point there is a # for everything. I get confused when there are more hashtags than an actual description/tweet/comment, but everyone has their own flavor.

Little known fact about you: When I’m not at the office, saving the world one placement at a time, you will most likely find me chasing birdies on the golf course.

Your very first email address/screen name:  P Town2223

Nicknames:  P, P Town which are both pretty bland but I’ve noticed that people will naturally start calling me by one of those after they’ve known me for awhile. I am sure I have some others that I can’t recall or are better kept for a campfire setting…