Spotlight: Peyton Townley

Each month we will put a SPOTLIGHT on one of our employees, and Mr. Peyton Townley is the inaugural candidate. He has been a recruiter at Conexess for over a year, and when he isn’t busy lounging on couches (see picture above) or playing golf, you can contact him here.

Favorite TV show as a child:  Tom & Jerry

Best part of being a recruiter:  I thoroughly enjoy helping people in any capacity as well as “being in the weeds” of the market every day. Most days I feel like somewhat of a detective, in that every day provides something different, whether it be a challenge or a reward. The tangible/intangible aspect that I enjoy about my job is the team I work alongside at Conexess, and the approach that we take. Not only does it set us apart, countering the stigma around staffing professionals in general, but it also resonates in our own culture – both in-house and with the clients/candidates we work with every day.

If you were an animal, what would you be:  This is a tough choice but I would have to say any animal that can fly because I am always on the go and feel like I’m constantly in motion. I have always wanted to skydive in one of the “squirrel suits” to have that inflight experience….but then again, I’m cautious by nature and feel like participating in activities like that with the bad luck I have could ultimately turn me into that 1/million stat guy you hear about on the 5:00 news. So on second thought, I could also be comfortable as a sloth – eating 24/7 and not having a care in the world, besides deciding which tree I’m hanging out in for the day.

What is the most overused # on social media:  #’s on social media are overused in general and I feel at this point there is a # for everything. I get confused when there are more hashtags than an actual description/tweet/comment, but everyone has their own flavor.

Little known fact about you: When I’m not at the office, saving the world one placement at a time, you will most likely find me chasing birdies on the golf course.

Your very first email address/screen name:  P Town2223

Nicknames:  P, P Town which are both pretty bland but I’ve noticed that people will naturally start calling me by one of those after they’ve known me for awhile. I am sure I have some others that I can’t recall or are better kept for a campfire setting…

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