Company Retreats: They might be just what the doctor ordered

Why do we, at Conexess Group, believe it is important to take time out of your busy schedule to go on a company retreat? There are many reasons, but here we will take a look at two of the key reasons it is essential to get out of the office.

  1. New Place=New Ideas

What’s the big deal about getting out of the office? Why can’t we just sit in the board room and toss around ideas?  Gathering a large group of people in the office, where the phone is ringing, emails are filling inboxes, and to-do lists are a mile long, can prove to be a challenge. On top of that, trying to get everyone gathered and focused might be like herding cats in your office.  Or, if your business is like ours, we have offices in three cities, so brainstorming is not exactly ideal when you are hundreds of miles away from eachother. In cases like these, holding a yearly company retreat may be your only chance to get everyone gathered to employ new company initiatives, set quarterly or yearly goals, and really dive in to how to improve the company.  Remember that busy, fast-paced office? Still think it’s the best place for idea generation? If your answer is the same as ours (Hint: “It’s No”), getting your team in a clutter and distraction-free place once a year, might be just what the doctor ordered.

Now, we’re not saying turn off your phone and throw away your laptop and as a result your company will come up with the best idea short of sliced bread. No-the idea is to get out of the office, get your team in a new environment, and set aside time to brain storm. Time management is key in these situations and setting aside designated times to brain storm, check emails, and talk with clients is necessary. With all of the brainstorming your team will be doing, holding at least one “meeting of the minds” will allow you to put pen to paper and jot your ideas down. Besides coming up with awesome, industry changing ideas, it’s also a good idea to leave time for a little fun, rest and relaxation. This leads us to the second reason it can be beneficial to get out of the office.

  1. Two words: TEAM BUILDING

Organizational culture is one of the top factors new employees consider before accepting a new position. This trip, Conexess brought three new staff members: one account manager, one technical recruiter, and one operations specialist, on the retreat. Speaking as one of those new team members, this trip was an awesome opportunity to build relationships with those from our Detroit & Orlando offices. Only three weeks in at the time, I had already talked to several of them via phone or email, but I think we can all agree that a face-to-face meeting goes a lot further when you are doing business.

That being said, at each retreat, Conexess holds a team building exercise of some sort to foster new relationships and to strengthen old ones. In the past, we may have had a scavenger hunt or something similar. This year, we decided to mix things up. Instead of a scavenger hunt, the First Annual Conexess Retreat Relays were held and to say our company is competitive would be an understatement (Click Here). Often times, when we are busy at our desks, it can be difficult to find the time to build good, working relationships with our coworkers.  The Retreat Relays were a great way to break the ice and build relationships within the company.

After attending my first retreat as a Conexess team member, I can easily say that organizational culture matters. If your employees are happy, then your clients are happy, and, in turn, your company will profit. Retreats are a great way to set cultural expectations, shake off the cob webs, and build relationships that benefit the company. To see how we retreat visit our Facebook page and check out the Summer Retreat 2k15 album.

 Enough about us! Tell us about your company’s #retreat and any great #teambuilding ideas you might have. Tweet us @conexess; we’d love to hear from you!

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