Spotlight: Ryan Murphy

This week’s spotlight focuses on one of our fearless leaders, Ryan Murphy, or “Murph” as most of us call him. As one of Conexess’ partners, Ryan has worked primarily in the Nashville office, while also working to grow our newest office in Orlando. He was our owner’s first hire and he’s been helping grow the company ever since. We consider ourselves very fortunate to have him on the Conexess team, so this week we are spotlighting Ryan to show our appreciation for everything he does for our company! We already know Ryan and we think he’s a pretty cool guy, but since you may not know him, we thought we’d give you the rundown on Mr. Murphy by asking him to tell us a little bit about himself.

Q: What do you consider to be the best part of living/working in Nashville?

A: I love how Nashville is a “big city” with a small town feel. You can be downtown and then in a rural part of town in 20 minutes. That’s pretty cool.


Q: What’s your favorite thing about recruiting?

A: The Relationships. It is a really rewarding feeling when you have people begin to come to you because you have (at least I hope) a good enough reputation where people begin to refer you. I have made what I would consider some pretty good friends though recruiting.


Q: Do you have any fun nicknames?

A: Murph, Smurph


Q: What is something you’re passionate about?

A: Golf and Duck Hunting. My wife says she is a hunting widower when duck season comes around. I end up spending double because when I go on a hunting trip she goes….shopping….


Q: Fun Facts about Murph:

       A-1: He was an All-State Football and Baseball Player.

   A-2: He hates flying-“I get sweaty palms and have anxiety. It’s bad.”

A-3: And add to the list: the fear of tornadoes- “I have re-occurring dreams about tornadoes. It’s really weird.”


Q: Where is the best place to eat in Nashville?

A: Impossible to name just one. So I’ll say Husk and Urban Grub.


Q: What is your favorite weekend activity?

A: Hunting and golfing.

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