10 Ways to Kick Start Your Week

It’s finally Friday and you’re so excited about your weekend plans that you aren’t even thinking about Monday, well, that is until Sunday night rolls around. Then the premature “Case of the Mondays” sets in and you’re already setting yourself up for a bad start to the week. We’re here to help and really, the solution is pretty simple.

1.Plan out your outfits for the week


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Chances are you know what your schedule entails for the week, so plan ahead. Take 30 minutes Sunday night and plan out your outfits for the week.

2. Get a good night’s sleep


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For some this might be 6 hours and for others this could be 12 hours. Either way get a good night’s sleep so you are ready to go Monday morning!

3. Eat a healthy breakfast


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CNN: Breakfast Mistakes)

4. Get to the office early



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Early? On a Monday? No-I’m not crazy. Avoid hitting that snooze button and get moving. Hitting the snooze button can actually make you feel groggier, so don’t put off the inevitable. Get up, grab some coffee, and get to work early. (CNN: Don’t hit snooze!)

5. Greet the team with a smile


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It takes effort to be grouchy so why do it? Start your week off right with a little positivity!

6. Give your inbox a once over before heading into that 8:30 AM meeting


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Some of those emails might have information you need for that morning meeting. Don’t look unprepared because you didn’t check your email yet.

7. Organize your thoughts and goals for the week into a to-do list


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Giving yourself clear goals  will keep you focused and ready to tackle the week with ease.

8. Tackle your biggest challenge first


Perception is reality. Making a mountain out of a molehill will not get your work done. Stay positive. Stay confident. Stay humble. And get your work knocked out.

9. Set aside time in your schedule for the inevitable contingencies of a Monday


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Leaving that little bit of extra wiggle room will keep you from short circuiting the minute that curve ball gets thrown at you. Need 10 minutes to put out a fire? No big deal if you already allotted an extra 30 minutes in your day for contingencies.

10. Exercise for at least 30 minutes.

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Some prefer to workout before work while others like to stop by the gym on the way home. Either way exercise is a great way to combat stress and clear your mind!

Monday’s are what you make them. Make this next one great!

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