The Nerdiest Blog Post You Ever Did See

Or, as most of us would say, Happy Valentine’s Day! Working at an IT Staffing company, nerdiness just comes with the territory. In the spirit of the upcoming “holiday” (thank you, Hallmark), here are our best geeky pick-up lines. Enjoy!

“Roses are #ruby

Violets are blue,

It’ll make my day

If I get a call from YOU” 

“Do people call you Google? Because you’re everything I’ve been searching for.”

“You are hotter than the bottom of a laptop that has been in use for 5 hours.”


“If I had a bitcoin for every time I saw someone as attractive as you, I’d have one bitcoin.”


“Talk nerdy to me.” – Jason Derulo

talk nerdy to me1


*User discretion is advised – these lines have been known to make Trekkies and computer programmers alike go weak at the knees. Just make sure you’re prepared to catch the intended recipient when he/she falls.